Lemon & Honey Basil Seed Drink

Lemon & Honey Basil Seed Drink

Refreshing late summer drink and the perfect immune booster going into Autumn.

Whenever I feel a cold coming on or just a tickle in my throat, I soothe myself with a simple lemon & honey tea.

This Basil Seed lemon & honey drink is a great summer alternative, retaining the properties of honey by not heating and then adding our amazing Basil Seed for a healthy shot of antioxidants.

Lemon & Honey Basil Seed Drink

Serves 1

1 cup of water
1/2 organic freshly squeezed lemon
2 teaspoons of liquid honey (or mix manuka honey with the lemon juice first)
2 teaspoons of organic basil seeds
200ml Water

First mix Basil Seed in 50ml of luke warm water for 30 seconds. Next Squeeze the fresh lemon on top then add the remaining 150ml of water and lastly stir in the honey and add some ice. (If using honey that is hard, mix the lemon juice directly with the honey before adding).

Lemon & Honey Basil Seed Drink
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