Natural Deodorant Ylang Ylang + Pink Grapefruit


AOTEAROAD Deodorant: A natural aluminium-free formulation that uses only vegan ingredients to help neutralize odour.  Stay fresh and confident all day long with mineral and plant-based, paraben-free protection.  We have carefully blended essential oils, protective coconut oil, odour fighting magnesium and bicarbonate soda to help keep you fresh.

How - Push base to expose 2-4mm deodorant.  Hold to underarm for a few seconds to ward.  1-2 swipes will do for all-day protection.  Store at room temperature.

Here's to happy pits!

Change starts with the small things...  Swap plastic for paper compostable beauty!


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Leonie W.
So happy to have found this product!

No fuss, no ping and no stained clay! Ticks all my boxes.

Lorraine S.

Love your product but didn’t like the smell of Ylang Ylang + Pink Grapefruit. My grand daughter said it smelled like old ladies!!

denise M.
Great smell and works great on me

I love the smell and it stays with me all day . I don't feel stinky anymore.

The best

I have never used a natural deodorant that actually works. This one does!! So happy!

Jeanette A.

Bought as a gift but all your products are Devine.

Dani P.
Love this deodorant!

This is my favourite of the scents but I like them all! Keeps me smelling delicious all day. Sometimes on a really hot/sweaty day I need to reapply but not often. It is a little bit waxy on the armpits but I only notice that when I’m showering and scrubbing my armpits at the end of the day. Doesn’t leave residue on clothes that I’ve noticed either. Highly recommend!

Mary S.
I am not Mary

I let you know the last time you sent this. I did purchase the product

Tanja G.
Not for me

I'm not sure if this one was a bit past its use-by date, but it smelled a little off to me (I didn't get a sense of grapefruit or ylang ylang from it - just something... not right ), and it felt sticky and dragged on my skin when I tried to apply it.

I'd used the pineapple and coconut one before and I think I enjoyed it: at least, I don't remember it feeling like this on my skin. It was worth trying though.

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