Natural Deodorant Rose + Vanilla


AOTEAROAD Deodorant: A natural aluminium-free formulation that uses only vegan ingredients to help neutralize odour.  Stay fresh and confident all day long with mineral and plant-based, paraben-free protection.  We have carefully blended essential oils, protective coconut oil, odour fighting magnesium, and bicarbonate soda to help keep you fresh.

How - Push base to expose 2-4mm deodorant.  Hold to underarm for a few seconds to ward.  1-2 swipes will do for all-day protection.  Store at room temperature.

Here's to happy pits!

Change starts with the small things...  Swap plastic for paper compostable beauty!


Customer Reviews

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Dee E.
So lovely!

Honestly, hands down the best deodorant I have ever used. I perspire a lot and have always found other deodorants/antiperspirants just end up making me smell worse. Whilst this deodorant doesn’t stop me from perspiring, I no longer am worried about whether it will work or not. It’s amazing. The fact it is natural with biodegradable packaging makes it even better!

Louise H.

Natural Deodorant Rose + Vanilla

Anita W.
Love it

Love this deodorant, lovely Smell and really good consistency to use.

Frances P.

Love it !!

Laura G.
Easy application and great scent

The only downside is that if the carton gets misshapen at all it’s really difficult to put the cover back on but I love that I am not throwing away more plastic. I’ve hunted around for some different natural deodorants that apply well, work, and have a nice scent and this one is my favourite!

Sam C.
Great products.

I was gifted this a a few years ago and fell in love with it. Wouldn’t use anything else!

Kathryn T.

Natural Deodorant Rose + Vanilla

Michelle V.
best one i’ve tried

I love this one - smells delicious - subtle but really nice scent, but also as it’s WHITE. It doesn’t seem to yellow clothes armpits like many of the others!

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