Tooth Tablets - Soft Mint

Aotearoad Tooth Tablets Kids (60 tablets) Dentist Made I Dr Hisham's

A prebiotic fluroide free alternative to toothpaste that uses a dentist made unique alkaline blend of bio-minerals including nano-hydroxapatite, a natural mineral that is clinically proven to remineralise teeth and help reduce tooth sensitivity.

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K M.
Helps keep my autoimmune-affected mouth comfy

I like that these aren't too minty as I have Sjogren's which affected the oral tissue in the mouth, making it sensitive to stronger mint flavours.

Tooth Tablets

Love these! Have tried both flavours in the tooth tablets. The soft mint is far milder. Have used them for the last few months, and wanted to review the tooth tablets after a dental check. The tooth tablets have kept plaque away, and clean well. I would recommend keeping the tooth tablets in their bag, than in the container, as each time I opened the container, several tablets would drop out. Absolutely love that the tooth tablets are natural and non toxic, and that the packaging is plastic free, sustainable and compostable, which was the reason I initially wanted to try them. Thank you Aotearoad, for caring for our planet and its people.

Ngaere M.

I love using Tooth Tablets, all natural products, leaves teeth white and mouth fresh.
Definitely keep using this convenient, healthy product.
Kind regards
Ngaere Mitri

denise M.
Better clean than toothpaste

This tablets have a nice taste and leave my teeth cleaner than with toothpaste. I've notices that some stubborn plaque that was forming at the back of my bottom teeth is now gone. I bought them to use them while travelling, so is very convenient to have them with you when you're on the go.

Love natural products

So much better than chemical laden toothpaste surrounded by plastic! It does take some getting used to compared with toothpaste. I’m not sure about it claiming it works for sensitive teeth, though. Environmentally so much better and great mild taste for adults and kids alike.

shaun h.
Tooth tab soft mint

Tooth tabs aren't as great as I imagined they would be. I don't feel that they give the freshness feel like normal toothpaste does.
The kids like the novelty, but I also don't know if it's doing the job it's supposed to for them.
I struggle to get the tab on both sides of my mouth the brush.
Packaging is great being home compostable.
I wanted to travel with them, but didn't as I felt maybe they might search my bag to see what they were.

Wee Treasures

These are amazing! Taste great and clean my teeth way better than normal toothpaste. I’ve even noticed less plaque build up between cleans! Definitely be purchasing more!

Deleted u.


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