Natural Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair 50g

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Aotearoad Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair Colours: Made with Aroha (Love), good for you, and good for the planet. With a talc free blend of highly absorbent organic tapioca and corn starch, Aotearoad's dry shampoo strengthens, adds body and softens hair between washes. Clean and style your hair on the go, refresh post workout or restore second-day locks to their former glory in seconds, scented with orange and cacao. In compostable paper packaging!

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Best Dry Shampoo

Love this stuff for my dark hair, one bottle lasts ages & works a treat. Only think is, hard to travel with as all the powder leaks out the holes whilst travelling.

Emma S.
great product, bad packaging

really good and effective dry shampoo, apply it once on my bangs at the start of the day and they look good all day!!
i just really wish the packaging was better, you can't bring it anywhere without the powder filling up the lid, and getting powder absolutely everywhere when you open it. if there was like another lid inside that fit into the divet and plugged up the holes or something it would be a perfect product.

Good product, not the best packaging

The product works really well but the packaging design has flaws as when I travel with it, the product falls out of the shaker into the lid and when I open it, all the product falls out the top and makes a mess. I love that they’ve used a more sustainable packaging than the aerosol cans but this would be better if there was a way to travel with it without these problems.


Product works but I do find it comes out quickly so often end up with it on clothes. Once the lid is taken off it doesn't seem to go on again very easily. Maybe some minor design adjustments could make a big improvement. I do like it's non aerosol and was very reasonably priced

Jacquii M.
Fab shampoo

Great service, quick delivery. A fantastic dry shampoo. Highly recommended. Only brand I'll use now. 😌

Janelle H.
Very pleasantly surprised!

I have very thin, flat hair and quite often I need dry shampoo just to get my roots off my head and to get a bit of volume in them. I've been hearing a few scary things about the carcinogenic products in aerosol dry-shampoos so after checking the ingredients of this product for safety, I thought I would give it a try. Honestly, I thought I was going to get a sub-par product but one that I'd put up with if it meant not having dangerous chemicals on my scalp. Colour me surprised! Not only does it do exactly what was promised, but it does it BETTER than the dry shampoo sprays I was using before. It takes a bit of rubbing in, but the cacao makes it a dark enough colour that it rubs in quite well. Very impressed! Am definitely buying again and will be my go-to from now on.

Becky D.
Great product

Great product - lasts a really long time and works well.

Michelle M.
Do I even need to shower now? Jokes!

But jokes, I promise I still shower. Just saving so much time not having to wash my hair daily!

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