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Very happy with this product

Soft perfume, no ping and doesn’t stain my clothes. This product really suits my needs.

So happy to have found this product!

No fuss, no ping and no stained clay! Ticks all my boxes.

Subtle scent

I've only used this a couple of times and I really like the subtly of the scent, really lovely. Have taken a star off only because I don't find it as effective as the other scents. Will be fine for winter but will stick with the others over summer.

Bicarb free

Great, smells divine and works well

The best Deodorant I have ever tried

I made this great discovery while visiting NZ a few months ago. While back home in Canada, I made sure I ordered a few more for my wife as well. It is hands down one of the best deodorants I have come across.

Tooth Tablets - Fresh Mint

Love your product but didn’t like the smell of Ylang Ylang + Pink Grapefruit. My grand daughter said it smelled like old ladies!!

Raspberry lip balm

Lovely moisturizing balm, best I've used

Toothpaste tabs.

Great product. No floride and no other baddies.

The only deodorant I will use!

THE best deodorant. A natural deodorant that actually works! All my family uses them, even my teenage boys!

great apart fromthe packaging

awesome powder, but packaging doesnt travel well, keep upright.

My Favourite Lip Balm!

The best lip balm I've tried, and by far my absolute favourite. It's natural, softening, beautifully flavoured in peppermint, with a hint of shine. Just perfect! Love that it's organic, natural, nourishing, and sustainably packaged. Have already bought it a few times.

Love the Lip Balm!

The best lip balm I've tried, and by far my favourite. It's natural, softening, beautifully flavoured, with a hint of shine. Just perfect! The raspberry lip balm has an ever so slight tint, which is lovely. Love that it's organic, natural, nourishing, and sustainably packaged.


great product that suits me very well

Tooth Tablets

Love these! Have tried both flavours in the tooth tablets. The soft mint is far milder. Have used them for the last few months, and wanted to review the tooth tablets after a dental check. The tooth tablets have kept plaque away, and clean well. I would recommend keeping the tooth tablets in their bag, than in the container, as each time I opened the container, several tablets would drop out. Absolutely love that the tooth tablets are natural and non toxic, and that the packaging is plastic free, sustainable and compostable, which was the reason I initially wanted to try them. Thank you Aotearoad, for caring for our planet and its people.

Like a freshly cut log

I was skeptical about a deo in a cardboard tube, but one application and I was convinced that this was for me. What a game changer. I now have the confidence to go out in public knowing I smell like a Canadian forest in spring

Natural deodorant sensitive vanilla + bicarb free

Have tried so many different deodorants and none have worked as well as this one! I love how it smells as its subtle and not overpowering, it goes on smoothly and it works! Doesn't irritate my skin. Recommend this 100%!

Very Subtle

This lip balm makes your lips feel smooth and silky. The finish is glossy, only a hint of colour.

Natural tint

Love the wee bit of red tint for this product and use it multiple times a day as I prefer this to a heavy lipstick. And that it is a natural product with no nasties is even better :-)

Vibrant aroma!

Love the vibrancy of the aroma of this product, a real pick-me up first thing in the morning to help me get my day started with good energy.

Best non aluminum deodorant I've used


Pleasant scent - I like that it's subtle, not too strong. Beautifully smooth to apply, nicely moisturises. No irritation. Having used other brands in paper tubes (deodorant etc), I found this tube to be very well made and easily slides open and closed to use.

clean teeth

I use once/day in evening - feels like my teeth are well cleaned. And I've noticed are also less sensitive. I've only tried the soft mint - fresh, but not too strong. Happy I discovered these! Love the refillable option.

Works and smells beautiful

A very well thought out product highly recommended

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