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Great product, however last few have been a little difficult to push up and a little crumbly.
It is the only deodorant that I have no reaction too
Despite the few minor issues I will carry on purchasing it.

It just works!

I'm a Kiwi living in Thailand, and even in the tropical heat the underarm performs the entire day. No yellow stains, no stinky pits. This is my third order, and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who wants no-aluminium alternative without sacrifice.

Dry shampoo

Great product

Natural Deodorant Neroli Woods + Vanilla

Like the minty lip balm it feels so smooth and good but has a nice tint of color. Love it

Love the zesty smell. No bad ingredients and it works. Will buy again

Feels so good. Soft and soothing. Love it

Something definitely wrong

I have been using Aoteroad since 2019. I have not had any issues. Something is wrong with this particular tube I bought. I put it under my arms for more than a minute and it's still as hard as anything. I've bruised my poor pits and it leaves a glue like sticky feeling. The other two deodorants (different fragrances were fine- no issues at all). I'm quite disappointed with this one.

Neroli woods & vanilla

I like that the fragrance is subtle and not floral. Seems to work adequately for daily wear. Not used it for any strenuous exercise yet. My only complaint is the lid won't fit back on securely now the deodorant stick has been pushed up. It sits gingerly perched on top. I do like the whole natural product deodorant. Had previously used natural roll-on deoderant, but having issues sourcing the scent I preferred.

Love it

This is the first time I've tried this one. I usually get the rose. I really like it.


I think this Aotearoad Clay is great

First time user…it’s fantastic

I’m really impressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this is my first time using natural deodorant. It has by far exceeded my expectations. Answers to questions people may have: no I don’t smell like BO (even after being quite sweaty today), and no I didn’t need to reapply any during the day. Yes they last a lot longer than normal deodorant. One stick I expect to last me 6-8weeks. My normal stuff would last me 3-4 weeks.

Yummy Scent

Love this scent, which doesn’t make me smell funky like other deodorants do! I really love this brand, their packaging and the consistency of their deodorants. Easy to apply and great value for money!

Best Lip Balm Ever

Love the flavour, love the biodegradable packaging, love the consistency of the balm. Just the best!

So lovely!

Honestly, hands down the best deodorant I have ever used. I perspire a lot and have always found other deodorants/antiperspirants just end up making me smell worse. Whilst this deodorant doesn’t stop me from perspiring, I no longer am worried about whether it will work or not. It’s amazing. The fact it is natural with biodegradable packaging makes it even better!

Hands down the best lip balm

Was given this as a gift. Such a clean product and does a great job at keeping my lips moisturised throughout the day. I take it with me everytime I go hiking or snowboarding, when I know my lips will get so chapped. I've gone and bought more!

Fantastic product!

I have tried many natural deodorants and this range beats them all! And really reasonably priced. Carry on your great work!

Gift for daughters

They're very happy with it.


They are great. I love them.
Many thanks

I dodn't receive the packages!

The product is great! But this time it never arrived and the customer service is not being help on finding the package or sending me a new one!

Great for oily roots

Somethings dry shampoo does not work on my hair. This the only thing that gives my hair volume and the oiliness.

Nice deodorant

Works well so far, easy to apply and nice packaging

Love love love

Love this product, i smell great all day long.


Fantastic effective product at an affordable price

Makes you feel good

So good to know you are using a product that isn't hurting our world and smells really yum!

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