Natural Deodorant Neroli Woods + Vanilla


AOTEAROAD Deodorant: A natural aluminium-free formulation that uses only vegan ingredients to help neutralize odour.  Stay fresh and confident all day long with mineral and plant-based, paraben-free protection.  We have carefully blended essential oils, protective coconut oil, odour fighting magnesium and bicarbonate soda to help keep you fresh.

How - Push base to expose 2-4mm deodorant.  Hold to underarm for a few seconds to ward.  1-2 swipes will do for all-day protection.  Store at room temperature.

Here's to happy pits!

Change starts with the small things...  Swap plastic for paper compostable beauty!


Customer Reviews

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Rik B.

great product that suits me very well

Chris K.
Never arrived

For some reason the shipment never arrived

Grant M.

Natural Deodorant Neroli Woods + Vanilla

Something definitely wrong

I have been using Aoteroad since 2019. I have not had any issues. Something is wrong with this particular tube I bought. I put it under my arms for more than a minute and it's still as hard as anything. I've bruised my poor pits and it leaves a glue like sticky feeling. The other two deodorants (different fragrances were fine- no issues at all). I'm quite disappointed with this one.

Michaela H.
Neroli woods & vanilla

I like that the fragrance is subtle and not floral. Seems to work adequately for daily wear. Not used it for any strenuous exercise yet. My only complaint is the lid won't fit back on securely now the deodorant stick has been pushed up. It sits gingerly perched on top. I do like the whole natural product deodorant. Had previously used natural roll-on deoderant, but having issues sourcing the scent I preferred.

Clinton E.
Natural smell & works for men

As a guy I am fairly adverse to smelling too strongly of any perfumed odours. This scent works well for me.

This scent is slightly more resistant to melting on cold mornings than the Cedar + Sage scent. Once the stick has a tapered shape it melts more easily when applying.

Does a reasonable job of de-odourising sweat and has no endocrine disrupting aluminium or strong chemicals!


My favourite ever deodorant. Super gentle on my skin, lasts a full day easily, very mild scent which I like.

Iva S.

Actually works! I'm very new to non traditional deodorants and I was very sceptical as I tried to switch many years ago and the early variations of non traditional deodorants just didn't work that well for me, but this works 100%. I'm very happy with this product, I feel fresh and clean all day long and I have peace of mind that I'm not putting harmful chemicals on my body. Thanks team!

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